The AXIMO DD60 E-Bike Drive System is the drive solution of choice for trekking bikes, S-pedelecs, and cargo bikes.


The heart of the system is the silent, powerful, and maintenance-free wheel hub motor.


  • Peak torque: 60 Nm
  • Integrated power electronics, torque and cadence sensors
  • Maximum assistance speed: 25 km/h and 45 km/h
Desgined for many


The DD60 excels with its maintenance-free and robust design.

System Integration

Thanks to our partnership with FIT for system integration, we can offer bike manufacturers a high degree of modularity as well as a proven and reliable service infrastructure.


The FIT ecosystem includes a variety of elegant controls, battery options and displays, allowing for many different combinations to create a customized system that meets the individual requirements of different applications.


With the FIT E-Bike Control smartphone app, your e-bike is connected to the digital world everywhere you go. Configure your e-bike according to your needs, use your smartphone as a key, ride with the navigation system, or connect to Komoot. The app functions are all free of charge.


Activate, get on, and ride off!

The system functions at a glance:

  • 4 assist levels incl. auto mode
  • Pushing aid
  • Fitness functions (personal performance in watts, heart rate, calorie burn, pedal cadence)
  • Cycling data display (speed, time, charge status, range, mileage, trip distance, ride time, average speed)
  • Maximum speed
  • Elevation parameters (elevation, elevation covered on current trip, ascent)
  • Temperature display
  • Light control
  • Vibration feedback
  • USB/Micro-USB connection for charging the smartphone via additional product from FIT
  • Interchangeable displays (plug-and-play)
  • Connection to the FIT E-Bike Control app and thus access to countless functional enhancements such as digital locking and immobilizer
  • Various accessories can be retrofitted
  • Boost function for short-term acceleration
  • Energy recovery
  • Tire pressure display and settings
  • Long-life battery mode


Do you have questions about the system, individual components, or the app? Find out here where you can get help and answers, both as an e-bike fan and as a specialist dealer.